As a Canadian immigration lawyer, my clients are often in need if US immigration counsel and I routinely send them to Sue and her team. This is a very competent immigration firm that produces results for my clients’ time and time again. Thank you for all your great work.

-Joshua Slayen


Sue handled my permanent resident application and process. This application and process is very detailed and requires a considerable amount of effort. Sue performed an extremely good job at this. There are numerous steps in this process and Sue not only educated and informed me on all the issues but she also guided me throughout the process to ensure that I was well prepared to manage all the required obligations. Going through this process can be emotional and sometimes difficult. Sue’s personable and caring attributes where a great help in handling the situation. Sue’s experience and knowledge in these legal and process areas provides you with a high level of confidence and assurance. I highly recommend Sue.



Excellent immigration attorney – Sue is definitely one of the best immigration attorneys I have worked with. She represented me in a difficult case in which other attorneys basically couldn’t do anything. If you need a first-class attorney, Sue Swanson is the one.



Good lawyer great capability and wide knowledge. Very strict and honest. That is what you need from a lawyer, not sweet promises. Sue will tell you what you need to do and what you don’t.

-Alfian Lo


“What makes Sue a first class immigration attorney is her utmost level of professionalism and knowledge in the field. Her personality is one of a kind, she has cultivated a great deal of experience, and uses her resources to great benefit. I remain very thankful for her invaluable work.

After working with another attorney, who for an entire year made no progress on my case, I became extremely disappointed and had little hope that I would be able to meet the application deadline for my asylum case. It was at this time that I met Sue Swanson. She was truly indispensable and an enormous help in my difficult circumstances. She completed my application in just one week and I won my case for asylum only a few months thereafter.”

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