Non-Immigrant Visas


Crimmigration, which is the process of advising non-U.S. citizens on the consequences of criminal convictions as they pertain to immigration, is complex and confusing at times. Whether a person has a prior criminal conviction abroad or has obtained one while in the United States, consequences can range from minor to extremely harsh. If you are dealing with a criminal conviction and are concerned with how it will affect your immigration status, contact crimmigration lawyers in North Dakota at the Swanson Law Office.

The Type of Crime

For many non-U.S. citizens who have criminal convictions, the consequences of how the conviction will affect their immigration status often depends on the type of crime. For example, if you have a DUI conviction, you likely will not face deportation unless you are a multiple DUI offender. However, if your crime is more serious and included violence or others being injured or killed due to your negligence or carelessness, a court may rule you are to be deported. However, since judges and other officials always have discretion in these cases, never assume all is lost. Instead, hire experienced crimmigration lawyers in North Dakota to represent you in these matters.

Preparation is Everything

In matters involving criminal convictions and immigration, preparation is often the deciding factor in how a case ultimately plays out. Therefore, always hire attorneys from the Swanson Law Office as quickly as possible so that they may prepare your case far ahead of any court appearances or immigration hearings. By having attorneys on your side who can examine details of your conviction and point out discrepancies or extenuating circumstances, courts and immigration officials may use their discretion to your advantage.

Rather than make critical mistakes or simply assume you have no viable options, discuss your situation in greater detail by consulting with crimmigration lawyers in North Dakota at the Swanson Law Office.

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