Immigrant Visas


As for areas of law that are considered very complex, immigration law is at the top of the list. Always changing due to varying political climates, this area of law affects thousands of people each day. Whether it involves attempting to gain a visa so that a person can work or attend school in the United States, obtain a Green Card to become a permanent resident, or be facing the possibility of deportation, these and other situations are extremely complex and should only be handled by attorneys who specialize in immigration law. Should you be in need of assistance, contact ND immigration lawyers at the Swanson Law Office.

Expert Knowledge

When applying for visas or facing deportation, it will be critical to gain expert legal knowledge as soon as possible. Since these and other related matters involve one document after another, court hearings, and in some cases in-person interviews with federal immigration officials, it will be imperative you submit information that is accurate, meet all established guidelines, and know how to conduct yourself at hearings and interviews. Therefore, always make sure you are putting your trust in knowledgeable ND immigration lawyers.

Protecting Your Rights

Since your fate will often be up to an immigration officer or even law enforcement officials, it will be extremely important to make sure your legal rights are protected each step of the way. For example, if you are asked to sign a document, never do so until you have allowed ND immigration lawyers to go over the document with you. Otherwise, you could be signing away your right to gain entry into the U.S. or give your consent to be deported.

No matter what immigration-related circumstances you may be facing, always hire an experienced immigration law attorney to guide you through the process. To get started, schedule a consultation today with the Swanson Law Office.


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