Federal Court

Federal Court

When you are experiencing an immigration issue, it will be dealt with in federal court. However, this can be a difficult process to endure. With caseloads being very large at this level, it is possible you could be waiting many months before your case is heard and a decision rendered. In many instances, this creates a situation where the government has failed to act when it is obliged to do so. Should you be in a situation where you feel this is happening to you, do not sit back and do nothing. Instead, contact federal court dispute lawyers in North Dakota at the Swanson Law Offices.

Mandamus/APA Claims

If you believe the court has not acted despite it having a duty to do so, your attorney from the Swanson Law Offices can file what is known as a Mandamus claim. The Mandamus Act, which authorizes court to order a remedy, can be used in many instances to get a case dismissed. To file a successful Mandamus claim, your federal court dispute lawyers in North Dakota must prove that you as the plaintiff have a clear right to the relief requested, the defendant has a duty to perform such act, and that no other viable remedies are available.

Criminal Cases

In other instances, certain criminal cases will be dealt with in federal court. Some of the most common include false claims of U.S. citizenship, human smuggling, and reentry to the U.S. after having been removed by immigration officials. Considered very serious crimes by federal courts, you could face the possibility of deportation or perhaps a prison sentence within the United States. Should you believe the courts have violated your rights and failed to act in a proper manner regarding your case, immediately consult with the Swanson Law Offices and their team of experienced federal court dispute lawyers in North Dakota.

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