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Welcome to Swanson Law Office.

Each day, immigrants worldwide pursue their dream of living in the United States. Swanson Law Office practices exclusively in the ever-changing, complex, and dynamic field of immigration law, including its implications in criminal, family, and business law. Our dedicated and professional staff works on each case in a collaborative, team approach, to keep abreast with the demands and needs of our international clientele base.

We have built our reputation on honesty and hard work. It is by listening to and collaborating with our clients to best serve their legal needs that we strive to provide guidance and assurance in an ever-evolving immigration climate.

It is our goal to serve our clients with transparency and efficiency. In doing so, we successfully represent individuals in all areas of immigration law, including naturalization, deportation, federal court litigation, unification with family members, employment, green cards/Lawful Permanent Residency, and businesses growing through immigration. Swanson Law Office offers Federal Court litigation in mandamus actions, APA claims, and other federal court proceedings to hold the government accountable for the timely processing of immigration filings and incorrectly denied petitions.

For clients facing criminal charges in municipal, district, or federal court, we offer complete legal representation through both the criminal court and deportation court processes. We not only represent our own clients, but also provide immigration advice to state public defenders and private attorneys who represent non-citizens facing criminal charges.

Immigration Law Changes Constantly: We Keep Up So You Can Keep Costs Down
Swanson Law Office works with government agencies and keeps up to date on the latest policies, rule changes, and changes in the law. We work with our clients to ensure that government forms are completed correctly so that our clients’ cases are processed quickly and efficiently.

Hometown Customer Service On A Global Scale
Headquartered in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Swanson Law Office has clients throughout the United States, as well as many foreign countries. We maintain the resources to communicate and collaborate with clients across the globe.

What sets Swanson Law Office apart?
• Sue Swanson has more than two decades of experience working in all areas of immigration law
• Raised in North Dakota, Sue Swanson has lived in both Central and South America
• Sue Swanson is fluent in Spanish

Please contact us by telephone 701.787.8802 or email sue@swansonimmigrationlaw.com to request an appointment or consultation regarding your immigration needs.

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